Uni-Dolly 4800

Uni-Dolly 4800

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The Uni-Dolly is a fully adjustable portable dolly system that allows technicians to easily move cars that don't roll. This unique system has the strength of a jack stand with the portability of a rolling castor.

The patented Uni-Dolly system is a portable jack stand that will free up your work bays, lifts and floor jacks. It is an affordable and cost effective piece of equipment that will increase productivity and is much safer than floor jacks. Its 6" swivel casters with ball & roller bearings allow a vehicle with a disassembled drive train, chassis, or body to be moved anywhere in the shop while damaged or disassembled.

  • Move vehicles with or without wheels
  • Move vehicles with locked wheels
  • Move vehicles with severe body damage
  • Move vehicles with transaxles removed

Ever had a customer block your bays and forget their keys? Move it easily with the Uni-Dolly™. It can be used on cars, minivans, sport utilities or pick-up trucks. Two Uni-Dolly's™ will turn a car in its own tracks. You can even push it sideways right up against a wall.


The Uni-Dolly has many unique advantages

  • Easy storage
  • Adjustable from 14" to 21" in height
  • Adjustable from 30" to 60" in width
  • 4,488 lb. capacity
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • 6" wheels roll easily on concrete floors
  • Ball bearings provide smooth turning and rolling

The Uni-Dolly is ideal for any shop that needs to move vehicles that won't roll

  • Body shops
  • Transmission shops
  • Tire, Brake & Suspension Shops
  • Tow Trucks
  • Repair Shops
  • Car Dealers

This patented and unique product was originally designed for transmission shops, it is especially useful when a drive train or rear end has been removed for repair or replacement.

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