Sniper 5405 Headlight Aimer for CA State Inspections

Sniper 5405 Headlight Aimer for CA State Inspections

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Sniper 5405 Headlight Aimer for CA BAR Lamp Inspections

The SNIPER is a professional model optical headlight aimer designed and approved for California state lamp inspection facilities, fleet maintenance operations, collision shops, and auto or truck repair businesses.

As required by CA BAR, both the Sniper 5405 and the Sniper 5412 meet the SAE J599 standards.

Although simplistic in appearance, the Sniper’s European technology has over 25 years of engineering refinement built in. It uses an optical grade lens to reproduce a headlight beam’s image inside the aiming head. The pattern is transmitted to an internal screen, which the technician uses to aim the light.

The SNIPER has many exclusive features that make it your best choice for headlight aiming. It’s superior design provides many important advantages for you. Click here to learn more.

The SNIPER quickly and accurately aims all headlights.
* Foreign & Domestic
* Car & Truck
* Old & New

Euro patterns on high-end, late model cars
High mounted headlights such as tractor trailers, 4wd & SUV’s
Even the new xenon lights, LED, and HID

Key Advantages of the Sniper
* Optical glass lens that is not affected by dirt, dust, or overspray
* Solid rubber wheels roll easily on uneven surfaces
* Laser guided floor slope measurement
* Exclusive tilting design makes it esy to move from bay to bay
* Durable metal base, head, and mast

Exceptional durability is built in to the Sniper headlight aiming tool, it is rock solid and built to last.  It carries an industry leading 2 year warranty! 

If you do CA vehicle safety inspections, you should buy the Sniper 5405.  It is the last aimer you will ever need.

Note: CA BARs old manual dated May of 2015 has an obsolete list of headlight aimers.  BAR no longer tests or approves headlight aimers for lamp inspections.  They do require that the aimer meets the SAE standards for headlight aiming.

Order yours today, it's the last aimer you will ever need to buy! 


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