Illumenator 1800 can be mounted on a convenient tripod stand

PODLight Illumenator 1800, cordless & rechargeable LED Work Light, Two Lights with Tripod Stand

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The Illumenator 1800 is a bright, weatherproof, cordless, rechargeable work light designed specifically for tough environments.

It has been engineered as a better alternative to traditional halogen work lights and provides many advantages over them.

  • Stays cool so it won't burn users.
  • Cordless operation eliminates power cord trip hazards.
  • Can be used anywhere, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Low battery voltage prevents shock hazards and keeps 110v outlets open for other tools.
  • Two floor stands and multi light tripod stand included.
  • With both 12v and 110v recharge included, it can be recharged at the office, on job sites or in your vehicle.
  • Super Bright with 120 degree beam.

The Illumenator has many built-in extras. Click here to learn more.

Normal price for the Dual Light Illumenator 1800 with Tripod Stand is $399.

Order now for Special pricing of just $249!

If you only need one light, please click here for single light version Special priced at just $99!


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