PODLight 4.0 cordless, rechargeable multi-purpose LED work light, flash light, falshing safety strobe, and power out emergency light

Disaster Preparedness Emergency Safety Light - Rechargeable LED - Automatically lights when the Power Goes Out!

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The PODLight 4.0 is a cordless, rechargeable, multi-purpose LED Home Safety light.  It automatically comes on when the power goes out and also has a double flash emergency safety strobe light.

Automatically Lights When the Power Goes Out!

It is also a multi-level work light & powerful flashlight.

The PODLight provides benefits not available in other lights
Cordless and Rechargeable

The PODLight operates over 8 hr. as a worklight, 12 hr. as a flashlight, and more than 24 hr. as a flashing safety strobe between recharges. 

When operating from a 12 volt car battery, the PODLight runs for days as a worklight and weeks in the strobe mode!

Automatically lights when the power goes out!
It automatically lights at 50% power when the electricity goes out if plugged into its 110v wall charger. This makes it easy to find in the dark and provides plenty of light to safely get to it!

You can use the PODLight inside or outside, rain or shine, in heat or cold!

Heavy duty rubber housing absorbs impact. The light PODs WON'T BLOW when the light is DROPPED. Pods have 100,000 hour life expectancy!

High intensity SMD LEDs with two brightness levels. One for maximum intensity and a 2nd for longest battery life.  Its 160 degree angle provides a wide area of light.

Flashing Safety Strobe
Can be used to alert others of a hazardous situation or to attract attention in time of need. This POTENTIALLY LIFE SAVING function can be extremely valuable in harsh winter weather.

Its Smart!
Low battery flash makes sure you know when the battery is getting low.

Smart switch design saves time and prevents accidental discharge. After 10 seconds of use, one press of the switch turns off the light.

Microprocessor controlled recharge extends battery life by preventing overcharge and allows you to keep it plugged into a vehicle cigarette lighter without worrying about killing the car battery

Countertop Charging Base Included Free
Keep your PODLight 4.0 in its base and its always charged when you need it. Charging base doubles as a hands free stand!

Two Ways To Charge Included Free!
Recharge it in your cars 12v lighter port or in any 110v wall outlet.

The PODLight 4.0 is a perfect gift for seniors.  It provides peace of mind when the power goes out.

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